If it’s Friday then it must be time for our weekly look at the ice hockey rule book and come up with scenarios to test but ultimately educate you!

The EIHA Referee Section is doing a lot of work behind the scenes with our on-ice officials in the form of feedback on performance in a live game environment, regular education and rule interpretations and problem areas, grading of all on-ice officials and building a new training programme to recruit and develop brand new officials.

It is expected that new Level 1 courses for officials will run in the New Year – in the mean time if you are interested in then complete the online form linked here and submit to the Referee Section to be kept informed.

On with the rules questions and first the answers to last week’s teasers.

Question 1:
Team A has pulled their goaltender. Team B shoot the puck from behind the centre red line towards the empty net. The puck hits the goal post and then continues over the goal-line. Is this icing?
Rule 66 ix 6 – Icing will not be called if the puck hits the goal frame and crosses the icing line.

Question 2:
What are the five criteria that need to be satisfied for it to be possible to call a penalty shot on a play which would normally be a minor penalty?
To call a penalty shot the following criteria have to be satisfied:
1. Player must be outside their own defensive zone;
2. Player must have no one to beat between them and the goaltender;
3. Player must be in control of the puck;
4. Player must be denied a reasonable scoring opportunity;
5. Player must be fouled from behind.
All five criteria need to be satisfied for it to be possible to call a penalty shot.

Question 3:
If the goaltender drops their stick and a defending player uses their stick to slide the goaltender’s stick back to them, can the goaltender pick up the stick legally?
No – if the goaltender picks up the stick it is a penalty to the defending player. Rule 120 iii and iv. A player may receive a stick from a team-mate on the ice but the exchange has to be made hand to hand. A player who throws, tosses, shoots or slides a stick to his team-mate, will be assessed a minor penalty if the team-mate picks up the stick.

IIHF Case-book – Rule 120
Situation 3: A goaltender has lost his stick and his teammate, who is on the ice, slides the stick back to him.
Ruling: This is not legal. The teammate must hand the stick to the goaltender. For a violation of this rule, a minor penalty should be assessed to the offending player for throwing the stick. RULE 120iii


Any correlation between this week’s rules quiz and real life events is totally co-incidental … or maybe not.

Question 1:
Can a player whose minor penalty on the clock which has not expired at the end of OT take a penalty shot?

Question 2:
Is a goaltender who comes out of his crease eligible to be hit?

Question 3:
A player deliberately displaces the goal frame from its normal position during the last two-minutes or regulation time or at any time in over-time.  State the referee decision.

There’s your scenarios, now…


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