October 6, 2017

In association with the Ice Hockey UK Referee Section we’re delighted to bring the weekly rules quiz back to the EIHA website.

Each Friday we’ll post three scenarios and ask you to make the call.  Remember the EIHA use IIHF rulebook in conjunction with their in-house rules which are available on this site.

You can use your own knowledge and experience to make the call before we post the answers on a Monday.

Here’s this week’s ‘You Make The Call’ – what’s your decisions?

Question 1:
A stick measurement is requested after a goal, the stick is found to be illegal, does the goal still stand? Does the decision change during over time or the Penalty-Shot Shoot out?

Question 2:
Can a player be awarded an assist and a goal on the same play?

Question 3:
Can a team have 2 goaltenders on the ice at any time?