June 18, 2020

As promised earlier Alex Green, EIHA head of strength and conditioning, is pleased to announce the next guest presenter for our S&C webinar programme, and it’s a familiar face to many in the EIHA S&C world.

“As we continue our commitment to increase coaches’ knowledge and understanding of strength and conditioning, it gives me real pleasure to announce that Steve Nightingale – strength and conditioning coach for the Kunlun Red Star in the KHL – has agreed to deliver a webinar this Monday.

“The webinar follows on seamlessly from the first session we delivered on “The Basics of Strength and Conditioning” and Steve will cover what does an effective warm up consist of, speed development training, mitigation of injury via the correct application of strength and conditioning and answer any questions you have for him.”

Steve has a wealth of experience within the sport which has led him to become one of the most respected S&C coaches coming out of the United Kingdom in ice hockey, having previously worked within the EIHA as head of strength and conditioning.  It is a real pleasure to welcome him ‘home’ and take him up on his offer to share his knowledge and experiences with us.

MONDAY JUNE 22nd from 7.30pm
For EIHA-registered coaches at all levels – limited to 100 places
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