Dear All

Please see below the trial and training dates for the Midlands Conference Teams.

These dates are subject to change and additional ice slots are required especially in December, April and May.   If your Club can help out with ice time, please email Dave Hayward and myself and we will ensure that this is passed on appropriately.

These dates will also be sent to the EIHA Webmaster for publishing on the website.

Many thanks for your help and kind regards

Deb Humphreys

Midlands Regional Secretary


Midlands Conference Practice Ice 2016 – 2017

Nottingham National Ice Centre 2300 – 0100

September 2016

3rd Under 11 Trial

10th Under 13 Trial

17th Under 15 Trial

24th Under 17 Trial

October 2016

1st Under 11 Trial

8th Under 13 Trial

15th Under 15 Trial

22nd Under 17 Trial

29th Under 11 Trial Scrimmage 1

November 2016

5th Under 13 Trial Scrimmage 1

12th Under 15 Trial Scrimmage 1

19th Under 17 Trial Scrimmage 1

26th Under 11 Trial Scrimmage 2

December 2016

3rd Under 13 Trial Scrimmage 2

10th Under 15 Trial Scrimmage 2

17th Under 17 Trial Scrimmage 2

24th Christmas Eve No Ice

31st New Year’s Eve No Ice Final Roster Selection



January 2017                                               

7th Under 11

14th Under 13

21st Under 15

28th Under 17

February 2017

4th Under 11

11th Under 13

18th Under 15

25th Under 17

March 2017

4th Under 11

11th Under 13

18th Under 15

25th Under 17

April 2017

1st Under 11

8th Under 13




May 2017




27th Conference Weekend





Dates of Interest

Bank Holidays

December Saturday 24th Sunday 25th Monday 26th Tuesday 27th Christmas

January Saturday 31st Sunday 1st Monday 2nd New Year

April Friday 14th Saturday 15th Sunday 16th Monday 17th Easter

April Saturday 29th Sunday 30th Monday 1st

May Saturday 27th Sunday 28th Monday 29th Conference Weekend Sheffield


School Holidays

Coventry/Flintshire/Solihull/Sheffield/Telford                                      Nottingham/Sutton

October 22nd – October 30th                                                                          October 22nd – October 30th

December 17th – January 2nd                                                                                             December 21st – January 3rd

February 18th – February 26th                                                                                          February 11th – February 19th

April 8th – April 23rd                                                                                                            April 1st – April 17th


All coinciding school holiday dates for tournament or camp

October 22nd – October 30th

December 21st – January 2nd

April 8th – April 17th

April 29th – May 1st