November 29, 2017

In association with IHUK Referee Section, we’re back with the solutions to Week 8 of “You Make The Call”.

On Saturday we posed three more scenarios which require you to use your knowledge of IIHF Rules, casebook and EIHA in-house rules and make a decision as if you were one of the Zebras on the ice.

Question 1:
During a face off in the defensive zone, who shall place their stick down on the ice first, the defending or attacking player?
Defensive player. Rule 58. v

Question 2:
An attacking player is assessed a misconduct penalty in his attacking zone. Where is the resulting face off taken?
The face off will take place at the nearest face off spot to where the the game action was stopped as per Rule 53 v.

Question 3:
The linesman sees an injured player on the ice. Can he stop play?
Yes. Any on-ice official can stop play. Rule 85, i

How did you do?  Let us know on the Facebook thread or message us on Twitter.  You can also email with your comments and any rules you’d like to see put through the “You Make The Call” treatment.

We’re back on Friday with three more scenarios – all around line changes!