November 22, 2017

With apologies for the delayed response, here are the answers and rule references to Week 7 of You Make The Call.

On Friday was posted three more scenarios and asked you to use your knowledge of IIHF rule book, casebook and EIHA in-house rules to reach a decision.  We’re grateful for the support of the IHUK Referee Section in putting this feature together.

So without any more hold up, here’s this week’s solutions.

Question 1:
How many Alternate Captains can a team have?
Rule 28- Section i.
Each team must appoint a captain and not more than two alternate captains from among the skaters listed on the game lineup. A team cannot forego the naming of a captain and instead designate three alternate captains for a game.

Question 2:
Can a captain argue a penalty call?
Rule 28 section vii. A complaint concerning the merits ofa penalty is not a matter relating to the interpretation of the rules and is not allowed. A player who argues a penalty call is subject to a misconduct penalty.

Question 3:
If both the captain and an alternate are on the ice at the same time who is allowed to talk to the referee?
Only the captain.
Rule 28 section v. If both the captain and the alternate captain are on the ice, only the captain is allowed to talk to the referee about a point of interpretation.

“You Make The Call” will be back on Friday with more questions.