November 2, 2018

After an unscheduled break last week, we’re back in our zebra costume – which came in handy for Trick Or Treat – and once again we take a look into the world of the ice hockey rulebook.

As we move into November there’s just a month until the next Level 1 course for new officials – December 1 Aberdeen.  There’s also January 12 Sheffield and February 24 Fife – and we’d love to have dozens of more members join the fastest growing team in the UK – #TeamStripes.  Check out the EIHA website article for full details on how to book a place on the courses.

Answers to Last Weeks’ Rules Quiz

Question 1:
If a Team A player is guilty of an intentional offside, where is the resulting face off?
Team A’s defensive zone.
Rule 84
i. An offside is ruled intentional when the attacking team commits an action intended to deliberately cause a stoppage of play.
ii. The ensuing face-off will take place in the defending zone of the team committing the intentional offside.
Question 2:
A player makes a move to butt-end an opponent but misses the player and does not make contact. What is the correct call?
2+2+10 for an Attempted Butt-End
Rule 121 – i An attempt to butt-end is punishable by a double minor and a misconduct penalty.
Question 3:
A player who recklessly endangers a player by “Checking from Behind” an opponent should be assessed what penalty / penalties?
5+Game or a Match Penalty
Rule 123 ii A player who recklessly endangers an opponent as a result of checking from behind will be assessed either a major and automatic game- misconduct penalty or a match penalty.

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This Week’s Rules Quiz

Answers are provided next week

Question 1:
The linesman has made an in-correct icing call. Where should the face-off be taken?

Question 2:
The puck is shot down the ice and a potential icing is going to be called. The puck deflects off an on-ice official and then continues down over the goal line. Is this icing still called?

Question 3:
A player has one skate in the neutral zone and one skate on the blue line at the instant that the puck completely crosses the blue line, going into the end zone. Is it Offside?