October 5, 2018

If a referee blows their whistle in an empty rink and nobody is there to hear, does it still make a sound?

It’s thoughts like that which keep #TeamStripes going each week, and as a reward we’re back with the fourth edition of You Make The Call for this season – as ever brought to you in association with the Ice Hockey UK Referee Section.

The latest Level 1 course for new recruits takes place this weekend in Nottingham – look out for more courses throughout this season across the UK to help recruit more members to #TeamStripes.  Good luck to everyone taking the course this weekend!

First of all, here are the answers to last week’s rules quiz

Question 1:
For hybrid icing, when there is no race for the puck what 2 things have to happen before the front linesman can blow for Icing?
A defending player must cross his blue line and the puck must cross the Icing line.
Rule 65. v. If there is “No Race” for the puck , icing will not be called until a defending skater crosses his defending blue line and puck crosses the goal line (not between goal posts).
Question 2:
Team A is playing short-handed and they shoot the puck from their defensive zone while the penalty is still on the clock. However the penalty expires as the puck travels down the ice and when the puck crosses the goal-line the teams are playing at even strength. Is this icing?
Rule 66 iv – Whether a team is short-handed or not is decided by the number of skaters on ice at the time the puck leaves the players stick. If the penalty -box attendant has opened the door at the expiration of a penalty, but the player has not physically stepped onto the ice, he will be considered on the ice as far as interpretation of icing is concerned.
Question 3:
Can a bench minor penalty be sat by someone on bench at time of incident?
Rule 117 iii A bench-minor penalty must be served by any skater who was on the ice at the time of the whistle to stop play or otherwise provided by these rules.

Why not join in the conversation about YMTC each week on our social media – there’s a thread on EIHA Facebook and Twitter each week when we post the questions.  Give us your thoughts and pose your own questions that you would like to see get the #TeamStripes treatment.

On that note, here’s this week’s triple threat of techincal teasers.

Question 1:
Can you give a 2+2 for high sticking for accidental harm to an opponent under the IHUK in-house rules?

Question 2:
The first player to leave the players bench during an altercation should be assessed what penalty?

Question 3:
A player is winding up for a shot and makes contact with an opposition player with his stick. Is this action subject to high sticking penalties?

Good luck, thanks for taking part, your striped sweater and whistle awaits in the locker room!

Back next Friday!