September 28, 2018

We’re back with the latest installment of the weekly rules quiz to inform, educate and entertain the hockey masses (well, two out of three ain’t bad as the song goes!)

Last week we left you with three teasers to ponder, we’ll give you the answers and set a new challenge for you to revise this week.

As always you will need your 2018-2022 IIHF rulebook, casebook and the 18/19 IHUK in-house rules – all of them freely available on the internet to download.  They fit handily onto a tablet or smartphone to take with you to rinkside so you can join in the tradition of reading the rulebook during intervals and breaks in play.

The 2018-22 rulebook is still fairly new and still bedding in for players, officials and fans.  If you want to refresh what the main changes are then IHUK Referee Section penned a useful guide just before the season started – you can read it here.

Answers to last week’s questions
Question 1:
A player clamps down with his arm onto an opponent’s stick to prevent him playing the puck, can you asses a holding the stick penalty?
Yes. Rule 145 Definition: A player who holds an opponent’s stick by any means (hands, arms, body, leg) to prevent him from skating, playing the puck, or otherwise playing the game freely, or any act of preventing an opponent from using his stick.
Question 2:
A player is chasing the puck carrier and lunges forward along the ice and knocks the puck away with their stick and causes the opponent to fall afterwards – should a penalty be called?
Yes a penalty should be called. Rule 167 ii If a player chases an opponent who is possession of the puck and lunges along the ice, first knocking the puck away with his stick and subsequently causing that player to fall, a tripping penalty will still be assessed (but no penalty shot will be awarded).
Question 3:
Following the first icing of the game a defending team player commits an intentional face off violation to delay the game, what should the referee do?
Referee issues a warning to the bench. 136iii Any skater on the defending team who intentionally commits a face-off violation after an icing call for the purpose of delaying the game will result in a warning to the bench.

You Make The Call – Week 3 questions

Here’s the latest testing triple bill for you to ponder. Let us know what you think by posting on the thread on our Facebook page or the Twitter timeline.  We’ll give the answers next week.

Good luck!

Question 1:
For hybrid icing, when there is no race for the puck what 2 things have to happen before the front linesman can blow for Icing?

Question 2:
Team A is playing short-handed and they shoot the puck from their defensive zone while the penalty is still on the clock.  However the penalty expires as the puck travels down the ice and when the puck crosses the goal-line the teams are playing at even strength. Is this icing?

Question 3:
Can a bench minor penalty be sat by someone on bench at time of incident?