September 22, 2018

We’re back again for another round of “You Make The Call” in association with the IHUK Referee Section, who are responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all on-ice officials in the UK from juniors to Elite League.

Each week we’ll pose three questions from the rulebook and ask you to make your ruling, before we give you the answers after the weekend is done.

You’ll need the IIHF rulebook (2018-22), casebook and IHUK in-house rules to find all of the answers – all of these documents are available for free on the world wide internet web system!

Without further ado here are this week’s three questions – why not tell us your answers on the Facebook page or our Twitter feed.  Answers will be posted on Monday night.

Question 1:
A player clamps down with his arm onto an opponent’s stick to prevent him playing the puck, can you asses a holding the stick penalty?

Question 2:
A player is chasing the puck carrier and lunges forward along the ice and knocks the puck away with their stick and causes the opponent to fall afterwards – should a penalty be called?

Question 3:
Following the first icing of the game a defending team player commits an intentional face off violation to delay the game, what should the referee do?

Good Luck!