March 16, 2018

Here with another round of your favourite ice hockey rules based quiz – You Make The Call presents three scenarios and you have to use your knowledge of IIHF rulebook, casebook and EIHA in-house rules to decide what happens next.

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We’ll have full answers and explanations on Monday.

Question 1:
A team A player is on a breakaway, the Team B Goalie has been removed for another player, a defender from Team B is behind the goal and deliberately knocks the net off of its moorings. What is the call?

Question 2:
During a penalty shot, the attacker skates up the ice, removes a glove and throws it towards the goalie. what does the Referee do?

Question 3:
During play in the attacking zone a spectator throws a puck over the boards that had been previously been in play and was shot out over the glass. What immediate action does the Referee take?