March 21, 2018

Here are the answers to the latest #TeamStripes rules test, which this week were around unusual stoppages.

Question 1:
A team A player is on a breakaway, the Team B Goalie has been removed for another player, a defender from Team B is behind the goal and deliberately knocks the net off of its moorings. What is the call?
The referee shall give an awarded goal. Rule 179 Awarded Goals iv. A goal will be awarded if a goaltender has been removed from the ice and a skater of his team displaces the goal frame from its normal position when an attacking skater is on a breakaway.

Question 2:
During a penalty shot, the attacker skates up the ice, removes a glove and throws it towards the goalie. what does the Referee do?
He stops the penalty shot.
Rule 178 Penalty Shot Procedure. viii Any methods used by the skater taking a penalty shot or penalty shot shootout in order to distract the goaltender will result in the shot being considered complete, and no goal will be awarded.

Question 3:
During play in the attacking zone a spectator throws a puck over the boards that had been previously been in play and was shot out over the glass. What immediate action does the Referee take?
Nothing. They wait to see what happens.
If a puck other than the one legally in play appears on the ice during game action , the game action will not be stopped until a change of possession occurs or if the illegal puck is erroneously played in place of the game puck.

You can download the latest IIHF Rulebook, casebook and EIHA in-house rules online and keep yourself informed and educated around what happens in our great game.

We will have another set of rules to test you later this week.