February 9, 2018

Welcome back to the latest in association with Ice Hockey UK Referee Section, spreading the good news of ice hockey rules and regs as far and wide as possible.

This week’s trio of questions are from the EIHA in house rules and relate to coaches and minimum requirements to run a bench in EIHA games.  If you haven’t already got a copy, the latest in-house rule can be downloaded from this very website.  Add this to your IIHF rulebook and casebook as your essential reading!

While we’re talking about IHUK Referee Section, you may have seen earlier in the week the IHUK Referee Chief Joy Johnston has been selected by IIHF as a referee supervisor for the Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament.  You can follow her progress online at http://joyinpyeongchang.blogspot.co.uk/ – congratulations to Joy and good luck for the tournament.

Here are this week’s questions – let us know what you think by posting on the thread on our Facebook page or send us a message on Twitter.  We’ll have the answers after the weekend.

Question 1:
Under the EIHA In-House rules what are coaching requirements on game day for EIHA sanctioned games?

Question 2:
Under the EIHA In-House rules what leagues are player-coaches permitted in?

Question 3:
Under the EIHA In-House rules what happens if the level 2 bench coach is ejected from the game?