February 13, 2018

Here are the answers to the latest rules test in association with Ice Hockey UK Referee Section.

If you remember this week’s questions were all around the in-house rules around minimum coaching requirements for games in the EIHA.  How did you get on?

We will have another set of ‘You Make The Call’ questions at the end of this week.

Question 1:
Under the EIHA In-House rules what are coaching requirements on game day for E.I.H.A sanctioned games?

Question 2:
Under the EIHA In-House rules what leagues are player coaches permitted in?
Player coaches are only permitted in the following leagues: NIHL, WEL, WPL, WD1, REC, BUIHA.

Question 3:
Under the EIHA In-House rules what happens if the level 2 bench coach is ejected from the game?
If for any reason the Level 2 coach gets thrown out of the game, there must still be a qualified coach physically on the bench, even if this means the player coach now being unable to play. A game may be completed with a level 1 coach on the bench as long as they are aged over 18 on the day of the game.