January 5, 2018

We’re back in association with Ice Hockey UK Referee Section and we have three more situations to test your knowledge of ice hockey’s myriad of rules.

Using what you know of the IIHF rulebook, casebook and EIHA in-house rules – all of which are easily available online – have a look at the scenarios produced below and then You Make The Call!

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The full solutions will rule references will be published on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you’re getting your hockey fix and here are this week’s teasers!

Question 1:
Two players are having a confrontation and one player swings his stick at the other player. What penalty tariffs can be used and under what rule?

Question 2:
If a player deliberately knocks the helmet off an opponent to force him out of the play, should there be a penalty and if yes what what penalty should be assessed and under what rule?

Question 3:
Can a goaltender continue to play with a broken stick if its only broken along the shaft?