January 3, 2018

A belated Happy New Year from #TeamStripes as we bring you the solution to the latest rules conundrums set in association with Ice Hockey UK Referee Section.

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For now, here are the answers to Week 11’s rules quiz.

Question 1:
Team B are attacking Team A’s goal, The referee has a delayed penalty on team A, Team B has no goalie on the ice.

Part 1 – Team B miss direct the puck and it enters their own net- What is the call?
Part 1 – A goal is awarded to team A.  Rule 114 iv If the team in control of the puck during a delayed-penalty situation scores into its own goal, the goal will be credited to the opposition, but the penalty will still be assessed.

Part 2 – On the way towards the net the puck changes direction from a team A player touch and the puck goes into Team B’s goal- What is the call?
Part 2 – No Goal is given.  Rule 114 ii. A touch of the puck or glancing contact between stick and puck does not constitute control unless that contact results in a goal for the team being penalized.

Question 2:
Team A is 2 players short ( 5 on 3) in the last 2 minutes of the game or in OT . At a stoppage they request a measurement of an opponents stick, the stick is legal what action does the Referee take?
The referee needs to award a penalty shot against Team A.  Rule 173- v If a captain of a team that is two men short in the last two minutes of regulation time or at any time in overtime requests an equipment measurement that is not upheld, the referee will award a penalty shot against the team requesting the measurement.

Question 3:
Player A is on the puck and is legally checked hard by another, in the process of this check which starts to the shoulder, the checking players shoulder then rolls up the body of Player A being checked and results in the check being delivered to the head. What call is made?
No call.  Rule 124 vi. If the primary force of a blow is initially to the body area and then contact slides up to the head or neck area, a penalty for checking to the head or neck will not be assessed. (The EIHA guideline was removed this summer).

We hope you continue to find this feature useful and it helps with your understanding of the game.  We’ll be back later in the week with the next round of rules queries.