December 5, 2018

Team Stripes is the fastest growing team in the UK, but always looking for more recruits.  The next level 1 course is in Sheffield in January and Fife the following month.  Players looking to transition into officiating are also very welcome and they should get in touch with IHUK Referee Section.

Check out the EIHA website article for full details on how to book a place on the courses and details of the Referee Section.

Answers to Last Weeks’ Rules Quiz

Question 1:
A player turns his back at the last minute to an opponent who is coming in for check – should a penalty for checking from behind be called?
No penalty.  Rule 123 iii  If the skater being bodychecked turns his back towards an opponent and puts himself in a vulnerable position immediately before a bodycheck to create a checking from behind situation, no penalty for checking from behind will be assessed (although other penalties might still be assessed).
Question 2:
The linesman sees an injured player on the ice. Can he stop play?
Yes. Any on-ice official can stop play.  Rule 85 I If it is obvious that a player has sustained a serious injury, on-ice officials will stop play immediately and summon the appropriate medical personnel to the ice.
Question 3:
A player who makes deliberate contact with an on ice official should be assessed what penalty?
Match Penalty. Rule 116  V Match  1:  A player or team official who intentionally and recklessly applies force in any manner or who causes injury to an on-ice official.

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This Week’s Rules Quiz

Answers are provided next week

Question 1:
Player A8 is serving a minor penalty for tripping.  With 10 seconds left to serve on his penalty he sees Team B moving to break out of their defensive zone and so he jumps out of the box early to get involved in play and before his penalty has expired.  What is the call?

Question 2:
A player leaves the penalty box before his penalty expires because the penalty box attendant opened the door and told them to go – what should the referee do?

Question 3:
If a player deliberately knocks the helmet off an opponent to force him out of the play, what penalty should be called and what penalty tariff?