December 8, 2017

Time to don the stripey shirts, pick up your Acme Thunderer and test your rules knowledge with You Make The Call – brought in association with the IHUK Referee Section.

After last week’s triple-bill on line changes and too many men, this week’s scenarios cover icing, bench minors and delayed penalties.  Think you got what it takes?  Use your knowledge of IIHF Rulebook, Casebook and EIHA in-house rules – all easily available online – and then You Make The Call!

We’ll have the answers after the weekend.  Here we go.

Question 1:
Team A ice the puck and the back linesman instigates the icing. Team A make a player change and then icing is called. What should the linesman and referee do?

Question 2:
A5 is assessed a delayed Minor Penalty for hooking. On the stoppage of the play Team A is assessed a Bench Minor Penalty. How many players must team A put in the penalty box?

Question 3:
Team A Player 15 receives a 2 min penalty at 3:00. Team B player 12 receives a 2 min penalty at 3:30. The referee signals a delayed penalty on Team A player 23 but before the penalty is assessed there is a goal scored at 4:10. Does any player return to the ice, if so who?

Good luck!