December 11, 2017

Hope you enjoyed your hockey weekend, though I know you will have spent most of it thinking about the latest rules questions from IHUK Referee Section.

I’ll hold my hands up, I got number three wrong before I got the ‘official’ answer.  There’s always one exception that proves the rule as they say.

Let us know how you got on via our Facebook page or Twitter, and we’ll have three more rules questions on Friday.

Question 1:
Team A ice the puck and the back linesman instigates the icing. Team A make a player change and then icing is called. What should the linesman and referee do?
The linesman should swap the players that changed back and the referee should issue a warning. Rule 93, i

Question 2:
A5 is assessed a delayed Minor Penalty for hooking. On the stoppage of the play Team A is assessed a Bench Minor Penalty. How many players must team A put in the penalty box?
A5 shall serve his Minor Penalty. Team A shall designate another player to serve the Bench Minor and the teams will play 5 on 3. Rule 111. Case Book, Situation 2

Question 3:
Team A Player 15 receives a 2 min penalty at 3:00. Team B player 12 receives a 2 min penalty at 3:30. The referee signals a delayed penalty on Team A player 23 but before the penalty is assessed there is a goal scored at 4:10. Does any player return to the ice, if so who?
No player returns. The goal nullifies the signaled penalty to A23. Reason: Team A was not short-handed. Rule 111, iv. Case Book Situation – Examples on signalling a delayed penalty and a goal is scored – Situation 2