September 15, 2018

New rulebook, new season, new quiz!

The ‘You Make The Call‘ feature returns this weekend looking at the rules and regs in ice hockey, particularly in view of the new IIHF rulebook which came into operation at the start of this season.

Each week we’ll have three rules questions and ask you to make the call based on your own knowledge of the rules – or you could just download and read the IIHF rulebook, casebook and IHUK in-house rules which govern the game in the EIHA competitions.

All documents are available free on the internet – it’s certainly worth your while downloading them and keeping them for future reference!

So on to today’s first quiz of the season – questions are below, we’ll have answers on here on Monday.

Good luck!


Question 1:

What is the minimum penalty tariff that can be called for Boarding?

Question 2:

A player who recklessly endangers a vulnerable opponent with a late hit will be assessed what penalty?

Question 3:

What penalty tariff should  be assessed for Slew Footing where the player does not recklessly endanger an opponent?