November 7, 2017

Welcome back to the rules clinic and the answers to the fifth part of You Make The Call.

On Friday we left you with three scenarios to judge against IIHF rulebook, casebook and EIHA in-house rules.  Here are the official answers.

Question 1:
In the EIHA in-house rules does the back up goaltender need to wear a helmet on the bench at any level?
Yes – Rule 190.
In senior hockey this can be their normal goaltender mask or a players helmet (with or without a visor). In junior hockey (Under 18’s and below) Goaltenders must wear their regular goaltender mask or a players helmet with a full cage whilst on the bench.

Question 2:
If they do not comply with this ruling what is the referee`s procedure?
Rule 190, warning first then penalty under rule 128 dangerous equipment
For the first violation of this rule a warning shall be issued. If there is a further violation a misconduct penalty should be assessed under rule 128 Dangerous Equipment.

Question 3:
If a shot hits the goaltenders face-mask what is the referee`s procedure?
Rule 200.  The referee is to stop play if A SHOT hits the goaltender’s face mask (not the neck guard hanging from the helmet). If the puck enters the net directly from hitting the face mask the goal shall stand. If however it hits the face mask and then is shot in by another player, the goal shall be washed out and an end zone face off taken.

We’ll be back with the next edition on Friday – the rulebook, casebook and in-house rules are all available online, why not download them and do some research before then?