October 28, 2017

We’re back – did you miss us?  In association with the Ice Hockey UK Referee Section it’s time for another three rules teasers, putting your hockey knowledge to the test.

As usual the answers can be found in the IIHF Rulebook, Casebook or EIHA in-house rules – all of which are available online and the documents are recommended reading to improve your understanding and enjoyment of our great game.

The correct answers and rule references will be published on the website on Monday.  You can leave us your suggested answers on Twitter, Facebook or email whistle@eiha.co.uk.


Question 1:
Name the other 3 types of offside other than normal/regular offside?

Question 2:
For hybrid icing, when there is no race for the puck what 2 things have to happen before the front linesman can blow for Icing?

Question 3:
Team A is assessed a Bench Minor penalty for Too Many Men on the Ice. At the same stoppage of play, Team A requests a stick measurement of a Team B player and the stick is found to be legal, resulting in a second Bench Minor penalty to Team A. How many players must Team A put in the penalty box?