October 20, 2017

Striped shirt – check.
Whistle – check.
Rule books – check.
Ready for today’s rules questions – erm, check?

In association with Ice Hockey UK Referee Section we have the latest edition of our fun/educational/frustrating (delete as applicable!) rules clinic ‘You Make The Call!’.

Here are three more scenarios – simply decide using your knowledge of IIHF rulebook and EIHA in-house rules what your ruling would be.  Post your decisions on our Twitter or Facebook thread or send an email to whistle@eiha.co.uk.  The full answers and rules references will be published on Monday afternoon.

Question 1:
On an offside call, what determines the side of the ice the resulting face-off will take place?
A) The side the player went offside
B) The side the puck was on when it entered the zone.

Question 2:
Team A is short handed and the penalty on the clock is about to elapse, as this happens Team A shoot the puck down the ice. What is the determining factor for Icing?
A) The puck being fired before the penalty expired; or
B) The puck crossing the goal line before the penalty expiring

Question 3:
Following a warning to Team A for a line change after an icing call, Team A commit a second infraction of trying to make a player change after an icing call. What call is made by the referee?