October 13, 2017

We’re back in association with IHUK Referee Section to bring you three more scenarios to test your rule knowledge.

Read the three posers below and consider what your decisions would be – using IIHF Rulebook, Casebook and the EIHA in-house rules as your reference material.

If you want to comment on our social media with your thoughts leave us a post on the Twitter or Facebook threads, or you can email whistle@eiha.co.uk.  We’d also like to hear from you if there are any rules you’d like to see part of future YMTC episodes.

Good luck, here’s this week’s questions.  The answers will be published on Monday.

Question 1:
Can a linesman stop play for a high sticking of the puck in the defending zone?

Question 2:
If a player lowers his body position to deliver a check to an opponents knee area – should a penalty be called and if so what penalty?

Question 3:
During play player A9 breaks his stick – he immediately discards the broken section, player A10 is a teammate of A9 and he slides his own stick along the ice to player A9 who then picks it up. Firstly is this permitted and if not which player should receive the penalty?