October 16, 2017

Thanks to everyone who made comments on social media after last Friday’s rule test.  Most had the right answers but I think question three caused the biggest problems.

Once again in association with IHUK Referee Section, here’s this week’s correct decisions with their rules references.

Question 1:
Can a linesman stop play for a high sticking of the puck in the defending zone?
Section 5 of IIHF Officiating Manual page 30 “In all instances, the linesmen should give the referee the opportunity to make the call first. There will be situations when, for some reason, the referee did not observe this infraction, the Linesman shall make a call. “

Question 2:
If a player lowers his body position to deliver a check to an opponents knee area – should a penalty be called and if so what penalty?
Yes – a penalty should be called for clipping.
Rule 125 i states ” A player who delivers a check in a clipping manner or lowers his own body to deliver a check to an opponent’s knee area will be assessed at least a minor penalty.”

Question 3:
During play player A9 breaks his stick – he immediately discards the broken section, player A10 is a teammate of A9 and he slides his own stick along the ice to player A9 who then picks it up. Firstly is this permitted and if not which player should receive the penalty?
This is not permitted and a minor penalty should be assessed to player A10.
Rule 120 ii states “A player whose stick is broken is forbidden to receive a stick thrown onto the ice from either the players’ bench or from a spectator, but he may receive a stick from a teammate on the ice at the time without having to proceed to his players’ bench to obtain a new one. This exchange, however, must be made hand-to-hand. A teammate who throws, tosses, slides, or shoots a stick to him will be assessed a minor penalty.”

You Make The Call will be back on Friday with the next set of rules teasers.  Don’t forget, all EIHA games use the IIHF rule book, case book and the EIHA in house rules – all of which can be found online using your branded search engine.

If you have any ideas for scenarios to be covered drop us a line at whistle@eiha.co.uk or you can message our Twitter page @EIHA_Official.