October 30, 2017

Here are the official answers to the fourth thrilling installment of “You Make The Call”, our weekly series on the rules and regs  of ice hockey.

We are grateful to the IHUK Referee Section for sending us these examples, which are also shared with all IHUK-registered on-ice officials as part of their weekly bulletin from the IHUK Referee Section.

If you feel like you want to get more involved as an ice hockey official, then the remaining Level 1 courses for this season are in Dundee on November 19 and Guildford on January 13/14.  More information is online at this link.

The Answers

Question 1:
Name the other 3 types of offside other than normal/regular offside?
Offside Pass, Delayed Offside, Intentional Offside

Question 2:
For hybrid icing, when there is no race for the puck what 2 things have to happen before the front linesman can blow for Icing?
A defending player must cross his blue line and the puck must cross the Icing line – Rule 65. v.

Question 3:
Team A is assessed a Bench Minor penalty for Too Many Men on the Ice. At the same stoppage of play, Team A requests a stick measurement of a Team B player and the stick is found to be legal, resulting in a second Bench Minor penalty to Team A. How many players must Team A put in the penalty box?
One player from Team A shall serve both Minor penalties (2 + 2 minutes). Rule 111. Case Book, Situation 1

‘You Make The Call!’ will be back on Friday with three more rules scenarios to test your knowledge.