Welcome from Programme Director, Charles Dacres

The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) is the body responsible for the sport of ice hockey in England.
The England program was formed in 1982 and in 1984 the Association appointed Bob Wilkinson to oversee the National Team Programme (NTP) for junior players and Mr. Wilkinson embarked upon an ambitious plan to develop the Team England Programme. Since then, under Bob Wilkinson’s stewardship, NTP has evolved and developed with team structure changes but in all respects a pathway to the GB program at U18’s was maintained and this remained the case until changes were announced to the junior age groups at the start of 2015.

With developments in women’s ice hockey the NTP was further expanded, in 2005, with the inclusion of a further two teams at U16 and senior women’s levels. Geoff Hemmerman was appointed to oversee the development of the new women’s section and together with Bob Wilkinson the Team England programme thrived.

In January 2016 the EIHA confirmed that a new structure was to be established for the programme and since then the programme has undergone something of a transformation and re-expansion with the following teams providing enhanced opportunities for the EIHA’s junior players:

U14 Boys
U14 Girls
U15 Boys
U17 Women
U19 Men

Chris Benson

England Team Program Manager

Technical Team

Technical Lead – Paul Woodhouse
Analysis Technologies – Chris Benson
S & C Coach – Matt Croyle

Goalie Programme

Head Goalie Coach – Euan King
Asst Goalie Coaches – Matt Darlow, Dave Clancy, Ben Clements, Mike Clancy,

Medical Team

Lead Therapist – Charley Keen
Therapists – Julie Lacroix, Saffron Allen, James Brodie