October 9, 2017

Thanks to everyone who tweeted or messaged with their answers to You Make The Call which we posted on Friday.  Time to see if you had the right answers.

Question 1:
A stick measurement is requested after a goal, the stick is found to be illegal, does the goal still stand? Does the decision change during over time or the Penalty-Shot Shoot out?
Yes the goal is given.
Rule 147- vi states A stick measurement can be requested after a goal in regulation time,but if the stick is deemed illegal the goal will still be allowed. The same rule applies for overtime and the penalty-shot shootout.

Question 2:
Can a player be awarded an assist and a goal?
No – only one point can be given to a player during a goal.
Case Book Appendix 1 Situation 8
A8 passes to A10 who passes to A9 who passes to A10, who shoots the puck into the goal net.
Ruling: An assist shall be awarded only to A9

Question 3:
Can a team have 2 goaltenders on the ice at any time?
Yes – during a “fly” change of goalies.
Rule 224 ii states – At no time during game action is a team allowed to have two goaltenders on the ice EXCEPT for the time it takes one goaltender to change with another goaltender “on the fly”.

Well done to everyone who got it right, more research needed for those who didn’t.  IIHF Rulebook and EIHA in house rules are both available to download and they are your rules bibles!

The next ‘You Make The Call’ will be online this Friday.