EIHA Refs Logo 300 x 300If it’s Friday lunchtime then it’s time once again for everyone to be a part of #TeamStripes and put their rules knowledge to the test.

Week Four of our ‘You Make The Call’ feature will have three more scenarios from the wide scope of incidents that can and often do happen in hockey games.  With the help of the EIHA Referee Section we’ll give you the full answers with IIHF rules interpretations and EIHA in house rules where appropriate.

If you want to take part you can post your answers on the EIHA Facebook page or send an email to whistle@eiha.co.uk.

First of all, last week’s answers.  We asked:

Question 1:
A player is going for a line change and when he gets within 1.5m of the players bench, the player switching with him jumps onto the ice. Before the player going off the ice gets off he sees the puck coming towards him and plays it with his stick, whilst his team-mate has jumped on the ice. They are both still within the 1.5m changing zone. State the referee decision.
Rule 166 Too Many Men – v) If, during a player change during game action, a player coming onto the ice or a coming off of the ice plays the puck, makes contact with an opponent or participates in game action while both the departing and entering players are on the ice within the 1.5m changing zone, a bench minor penalty for too many men will be assessed. The changing zone is irrelevant once either player decides to participate in game action with the other being on the ice.

Question 2:
If a player deliberately falls on the puck or gathers it under his body whilst on the ice what is the call?
Rule 131 – Delay of Game, Falling on the Puck. Falls on, gathers or holds the puck they will be assessed a minor penalty. Rule 175 – If this happens in the goal crease it is a penalty shot.

Question 3:
An attacking player in his attacking zone high sticks the puck to a team-mate who receives the puck in the attacking zone. The referee correctly blows the whistle for a high stick. Where is the ensuing face-off?
Rule 75ii) – outside the blue line on the side nearest to where the teammate gained controlled of it.

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This week’s rules teasers – YOU make the call!

Question 1:
Team A has pulled their goaltender. Team B shoot the puck from behind the centre red line towards the empty net. The puck hits the goal post and then continues over the goal-line. Is this icing?

Question 2:
What are the five criteria that need to be satisfied for it to be possible to call a penalty shot on a play which would normally be a minor penalty?

Question 3:
If the goaltender drops their stick and a defending player uses their stick to slide the goaltender’s stick back to them, can the goaltender pick up the stick legally?

Good luck with this week’s test and we’ll have the answers next Friday.  Wherever you’re watching your hockey this weekend enjoy the game!