EIHA Refs Logo 300 x 300Welcome back to our weekly look into the ice hockey rule book, brought to you in association with the EIHA Referee Section.

The section, lead by Head of Training & Development Joy Johnston, supply these rule questions (and other hints, tips and guidance) to all EIHA officials as a learning aid to improve knowledge and understanding.  You may well recognise some incidents from games you’ve seen the previous weekend – using real situations is a useful training method, and the Referee Section will supply IIHF rule book or case book references to all officials to explain the correct course of action.

More often than not, the officials on the ice have made the correct decisions at the time but the explanation can help with understanding of players, coaches and supporters.  These pages are all part of helping that understanding and hopefully enjoyment of our great sport.

First up today, we’ll review last week’s rules testers and give you the correct answers.

Question 1:
The referee has a delayed penalty on Team A. Team B accidentally put the puck in their own net. State the referee decision.
The goal is allowed and the penalty is assessed. Rule 114 iv If the team in control of the puck during a delayed penalty situation scores into its own goal, the goal will be credited to the opposition, but the penalty will still be assessed.

Question 2:
The referee has a delayed penalty on Team A. Team B attempts to pass the puck to a team-mate but it deflects off a player from Team A and goes into the Team B goal. State the referee decision.
No goal and the delayed penalty is assessed – a team cannot score a goal by their own means when they have a delayed penalty signaled against them.

Case-book Rule 114 Situation 3: A delayed penalty is signaled on a player from Team A and Team B has substituted its goaltender in favor of an extra player. A player from Team B has possession of the puck, and while attempting to pass the puck to a teammate, he shoots the puck and it deflects off of a Team A player and goes into the open goal net of Team B.
Ruling: No goal shall be allowed and a delayed penalty shall be assessed

Question 3:
After a penalty call a water bottle is thrown off the bench onto the ice. State the referee decision.
Rule 168 ii 1 and v 1 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct – if you cannot identify the player who threw the water bottle then it is a bench minor penalty. If you can identify the player who threw it then that player receives a 2+Game Misconduct.

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This week’s questions

Three more scenarios are presented for you and as usual all we ask is that You Make The Call! Post your decisions and thoughts on our Facebook page or email whistle@eiha.co.uk and wait seven days for the results to be revealed next Friday!

Question 1:
A player is going for a line change and when he gets within 1.5m of the players bench, the player switching with him jumps onto the ice. Before the player going off the ice gets off he sees the puck coming towards him and plays it with his stick, whilst his team-mate has jumped on the ice. They are both still within the 1.5m changing zone. State the referee decision.

Question 2:
If a player deliberately falls on the puck or gathers it under his body whilst on the ice what is the call?

Question 3:
An attacking player in his attacking zone high sticks the puck to a team-mate who receives the puck in the attacking zone. The referee correctly blows the whistle for a high stick. Where is the ensuing face-off?