The EIHA Referee Section are delighted to announce that eleven on-ice officials have been granted IIHF licenses for the 16/17 season.

These appointments include a new batch of IIHF ‘C’ licenses for officials identified for future development and progression through the ranks.

IIHF set an objective to identify future talented officials early in their careers and to therefore increase the current pool of licensed young male and female officials across the world. The IIHF want to ensure they have a view of the future young officials who are progressing through our national association systems earlier than they have become aware of them in previous years.

Ice Hockey UK have therefore partnered with the EIHA to identify future talented officials in the EIHA programme to meet this IIHF directive. This has resulted in the EIHA having the opportunity to work with IHUK to give young officials IIHF ‘C’ licenses and identify them as potential talent for future development and progression as officials.

EIHA Referee in Chief Ken Riddell said: “A ‘C’ license does not make the individual eligible for international tournaments, however it does give the EIHA an opportunity to license our officials who show potential for the future.

“It flags them up for future development and puts them on the radar of IIHF should any development camps be organised.

“Those who have been licensed this year need to continue to work hard to keep or progress these licenses in future years with the IIHF, the EIHA and IHUK, and we hope that they will be joined by others amongst the EIHA ranks as years progress.”

The applications for ‘C’ licenses this year were made based on the following criteria:

  • IIHF recruiting and licensing objectives;
  • age profile and future potential to develop in the national association system;
  • commitment to officiating;
  • performance in games in previous seasons;
  • participation and performance at the recent summer officiating seminars.

The full list of EIHA officials with IIHF licenses

Deana Cuglietta A
Matthew Thompson B
Thomas Gillingham C

Lorna Beresford B
Amy Lack B
Leigh Hetherington B
Nathan Carmichael C
Andrew Cook C
Donald Campbell C
James Ions C
Charlie West C

Ice Hockey UK also confirmed that Deana Cuglietta, Amy Lack and Leigh Hetherington have been given international assignments by IIHF for the 16/17 season – full details are online at IHUK website.

Ken Riddell added: “We are really delighted that Deana, Amy and Leigh have been selected to officiate at their respective IIHF tournaments. All three officials have dedicated themselves to excel at the sport and this is a just reward. I know they will do themselves and the English Ice Hockey Association proud.

“The EIHA will continue its work on developing a full officiating pathway and talent ID programme which includes a clear and transparent process for identifying future IIHF license holders.”

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