On Saturday 3 December the NIHL North 1 match between Telford Tigers NIHL and Whitley Warriors was abandoned after 40 minutes with Telford leading 5-0.  Early in the second period of the game play was suspended for a time after Whitley Warriors refused to play.  Although the match was re-started there was insufficient time to complete the full 60 minutes of playing time.

warriorsNIHL disciplinary officials have taken account of all information available and have reached the following decisions.

First of all the result of the match will stand and is deemed to be complete.  All player statistics are retained on the records.

For their refusal to play, the Whitley Warriors have been given a suspended £500 fine and have two points deducted in the NIHL North Division 1 standings.  The fine is suspended provided there is no repeat of this incident.  The points are removed from their record with immediate effect.

Whitley Warriors coaching staff have also been disciplined.  The bench coach for the game, David Holland, has been suspended for two matches.  Warriors club head coach, David Longstaff, has also been suspended for two matches.

During the game itself, Warriors forward Andre Payette was assessed multiple penalties timed at 24.44.  He received a ten minute penalty for incitement, a game misconduct for abuse of official and a 5+game for resisting an official.  The NIHL have upgraded the game penalty for abuse to a Match Penalty for abuse of official.  With these penalties, the player has passed the thresholds for both 10 and 15 penalty points and as a result is suspended for a total of eight games.