October 25, 2019

The NIHL South 1 game between Milton Keynes Thunder and Streatham IHC on October 13 was subject to a review.  This has found one incident that requires supplementary discipline.

At 06.04 Streatham’s #49 Ryan Watt delivered a slash to the hand/wrist of MK #21 Zac Chamberlain.  The shaft of the stick between the heel and bottom hand makes contact with the wrist area of the MK player.

It is determined that:

  • #49 makes no attempt to play the puck
  • This is not a misjudged attempt to play the puck as the puck is on the ice, #49’s stick is off the ice
  • #49’s action is reckless endangerment
  • MK #21 sustained an injury which is an indication of reckless endangerment
  • This is not a legitimate hockey play
  • #49 is assessed a match penalty for slashing

Following the review, the NIHL discipline panel have suspended Ryan Watt for six games with five penalty points on his record.  The player will miss games on October 27, November 3, 9, 10, 23 and 30.