June 19, 2018

For the first time since the Solway Sharks joined the NIHL, they will not be the only Scottish team in action.

Last week league bosses confirmed that Murrayfield Racers had been accepted into the NIHL North Cup alongside the Sharks and five other teams to form a seven team mini league.

Racers have been relaunched by an Edinburgh consortium including Tony Hand and earlier this year won the bid for ice time at Murrayfield Ice Rink.

Billingham Stars, Blackburn Hawks, Hull Pirates, Sheffield Steeldogs and Telford Tigers join the Sharks and Racers in the Cup and will play one home and one away against each other before two legged semi finals and final later in the year.

“Our SNL team and junior teams have played at Murrayfield regularly, but it will be an experience for the senior Sharks side to head to Edinburgh and face a team with such a storied name in Scottish and British ice hockey,” said Sharks coach Martin Grubb.

“The Murrayfield Racers were the big rivals for my Fife Flyers when I was growing up and I remember watching players like Tony Hand, Rick Fera and Chris Kelland to name a few in that Heineken era,” said Kirkcaldy-born Grubb.

“For me to now coach against a Murrayfield Racers side will be a great pleasure and it’s great to have another team north of the border – we’ve flown the flag in the NIHL since 2011 and hopefully this will open the door for some more crossover games in the future.”

The Cup games will be interspersed into the regular season campaign, which gets underway in September.

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