September 15, 2018

The National League Management Group (NLMG) have clarified the rules around penalty shot competitions in the NIHL this season.

NIHL Rules of Competition (RoC) refer to IIHF Rule 63 which had previously stated a shootout would consist of three rounds before moving to sudden death.

In the new 2018-2022 IIHF rulebook, Rule 63 no longer makes reference to the length of the shootout before it moves to sudden death.

Therefore NLMG have amended the RoC to confirm that NIHL shootouts will be three rounds then sudden death if required.

NIHL Rule A5.2 now reads:

Should teams be tied after overtime, a Penalty Shots Competition shall take place. The Penalty Shots Competition shall take place under IIHF Rules 63, 176-178 and shall consist of each side taking three penalty shots.

Teams and on-ice officials have been notified ahead of this news being published online.