April 10, 2017

The National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) North held its Playoff Finals in Sheffield this past weekend, where Widnes Wild (D2) and Solway Sharks (D1) won their respective playoff titles.

Also at the weekend, the NIHL North announced the winners of their end-of-season awards which were supported by NIHL Radio and voted for by club officials from all NIHL North teams.

Each division awarded their Coach of the Year, Player of the Year and Young Player (U20) of the Year, as well as first and second All Star teams.

There was also an award for the ‘Organisation of the Year’ for each division to reward the best facilities, best welcome again voted by the club representatives.


Coach of the Year: Martin Grubb (Solway Sharks)

Shortlisted: Steve Duncombe (Blackburn Hawks), Perry Doyle (Solihull Barons), Scott McKenzie (Deeside Dragons)

Player of the Year: Richard Bentham (Blackburn Hawks)

Shortlisted: Dennis Bostrom (Billingham Stars), Scott McKenzie (Deeside Dragons), Juraj Senko (Solway Sharks)

Young Player of the Year: Jordan Buesa (Solway Sharks)

Shortlisted: Joe Colton (Sutton Sting), Matthew Maurice (Solihull Barons)

First All Star Team

NM – Dmitri Zimozdra (Sutton Sting). D – Juraj Senko (Solway Sharks), Kim Miettinen (Solway Sharks). F – Richard Bentham (Blackburn Hawks), Dennis Bostrom (Billingham Stars), Chris Sykes (Billingham Stars).

Second All Star Team

NM – Calum Hepburn (Solway Sharks). D – James Hutchinson (Solway Sharks), Steve Duncombe (Blackburn Hawks). F – Lloyd Gibson (Sutton Sting), Niklas Ottosson (Solihull Barons), Scott McKenzie (Deeside Dragons)



Coach of the Year: Scott Barnett (Blackburn Eagles)

Shortlisted: Robyn Crebbin (Altrincham Aces), Andy Daintith (Hull Jets)

Player of the Year: Richard Haggar (Hull Jets)

Shortlisted: Chris Arnone (Blackburn Eagles), Kieran Beach (Hull Jets)

Young Player of the Year: Joe Humphries (Nottingham Lions)

Shortlisted: Dean Bowater (Hull Jets), Michael Gilbert (Altrincham Aces), Corey Lee (Altrincham Aces)

First All Star Team

NM – Declan Ryan (Altrincham Aces). D – Chris Arnone (Blackburn Eagles), Pavel Vales (Widnes Wild). F – Richard Haggar (Hull Jets), Kieran Beach (Hull Jets), Stuart Brittle (Widnes Wild).

Second All Star Team

NM – Thomas Hovell (Nottingham Lions). D – Pavel Slowik (Altrincham Aces), Wayne Slater (Blackburn Eagles). F – Nathan Britton (Sheffield Senators), Jordan Ashington (Blackburn Eagles), Andrew Brown (Bradford Bulldogs)


Congratulations to all winners and thank you to NIHL Radio for the support and organisation for these awards