February 5, 2020

We are delighted to reveal our shortlists for the National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) Player of the Month for January.  Each division has a three-man shortlist, with the winners being announced on Friday.

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National Division
Jason Hewitt (Hull Pirates), Scott McKenzie (Telford Tigers), Alex Mettam (Basingstoke Bison)

North 1 (Moralee)
Phil Edgar, Rolands Gritans, Harry Harley (all Whitley Warriors)

North 2 (Laidler)
Shaun Dippnall (Widnes Wild), Thomas Humphries (Sheffield Senators), Matt Viney (Bradford Bulldogs)

South 1 (Britton)
Juraj Huska (Invicta Dynamos), Damien King (Streatham IHC), Rupert Quiney (Streatham IHC)

South 2 (Wilkinson)
Petr Cech (Guildford Phoenix), Mason Lipsey (Swindon Wildcats 2), James Pentecost (Haringey Huskies)

Congratulations to the nominees, we’ll publish the winners on website and social media and Friday.