December 7, 2019

Bracknell Bees Joe Baird has been suspended following a review of an incident in the NIHL National game on November 30.

A review was requested for a missed slashing penalty which was reckless and could have resulted in a serious injury.  The incident occurred in the final seconds of the first period of Peterborough Phantoms v Bracknell Bees NIHL National game.

After reviewing the video it is determined that Bees forward Joe Baird should have received a match penalty for slashing.  The play is reckless, it is not a legitimate hockey play as it does not separate the player from the puck.  The stick is nowhere near the puck, this is about separating the player from the game.

Joe Baird is suspended for two games with five penalty points added to his record.  He misses tonight v Raiders and tomorrow at Sheffield.