August 15, 2017

The LMC of National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) have this evening published their full Rules of Competition, to govern the expanded senior league competitons for the coming season.

Maintained and updated each season, the RoC has undergone a major facelift to account for the fact NIHL is now the top league of the EIHA pyramid.

NIHL League Manager Richard Carpenter took to Twitter earlier this evening to give his thoughts on the updated document and the big changes from last year.

“The RoC is not the rules of the game, that’s the IIHF rulebook and our in-house rules.  This is the rules of the league and its competitions,” said Carpenter.

“It sits alongside the rulebook, in-house rules, registration rules, coaching protocols and discipline regulations as one of the main governance documents that the Association uses.”

One of the biggest changes is the removal of references to EPIHL.  Rules around ownership, transfer of ownership and clubs in administration have been introduced along the lines of those proposed by EPIHL in January.

Later rules and appendices cover discipline, promotion & relegation, playoffs and the new overtime and penalty shootout procedure adopted in all NIHL divisions for this season.

The full document, running at over 11,000 words, is now available from the download section of the website.

Click this link to download NIHL RoC 17/18.