June 14, 2017

Last week EIHA.co.uk featured an interview with BBC’s Seth Bennett as he took up the reins at Trafford Tornados as chair of the junior club.

One of the first developments came to fruition last weekend when the Tornados confirmed a link with Elite League side Manchester Storm to become Manchester Storm Academy.

Confirming the name change, Bennett said: “Over the last few weeks there have been a number of talks between the Storm and the Tornados as to how we can work more closely together and we have decided that a direct affiliation is the best way forward.

“Since the return of Elite League hockey in Manchester it has become clear that, whilst still working very closely with the Altrincham Aces it is crucial that we have a player pathway to the top level. The Storm, Aces and the Academy now have one linear structure from bottom to top and that is an exciting move for the club.

“Next season we will work alongside the Storm to offer bespoke coaching from players who are playing top flight hockey. Our coaches, led by Nick Crawley and Kev Cassidy will work with the Storm to get the most out of the relationship, which will include a lot of work on developing our coaches.

“There are lots of exciting times ahead and although we bid farewell to the Trafford Tornados brand, what was achieved during that period of time at the club set the foundations for what we will be able to do in the future.”