December 24, 2017

Saturday’s NIHL North 1 (Moralee) game between Telford Tigers and Solihull Barons was abandoned at 30.34 with Telford ahead 3-0 at the time.

Barons goalie Daniel Brittle was assessed a Game Misconduct penalty at this time and Solihull did not have a backup goalie on the roster.  They were given the opportunity to dress an outskater but no volunteer came forward.  After assessing a bench minor for refusing to play, Barons still did not want to continue the game so the match was abandoned.

After taking reports from all parties involved, the NIHL LMC has made the following decisions.

  • The score at the time of the abandonment will stand as the final result: Telford 3-0 Solihull.
  • Solihull Barons will be deducted two points in the NIHL N1 (Moralee) league table for failing to complete the fixture.
  • Barons are fined £500, this fine is suspended and will only be imposed if there is a second offence.
  • Solihull’s Level 2 bench coach in charge for this fixture has been given a two-game suspension.

The standings for NIHL N1 on Fixtures Live will be updated as soon as practical.

An NIHL spokesman said: “We cannot have a situation where a substantial number of paying spectators have to be told the game is finishing early because one of the teams has refused to continue.

“For teams with only one goalie available for a game there are plenty of options to obtain dispensation to use a player as a back up netminder – womens teams, rec teams or an U18 could have been registered under dispensation but the options actually spread much wider than that.

“Solihull could have taken ten minutes to dress any other player from the bench to go in goal or they could have even iced with six outskaters and no NM.”