February 4, 2019

The England National Team Programme (ENTP) are excited to announce the launch of the Power Of 12 (PO12) development programme for the 2018-19 season. After a few camps without this group and a lot of work behind the scenes, we are delighted to see this program re-launch after what was a very successful PO10 program last season.

With the outlook staying the same, pushing this age group to a standard set by the ENTP program at U13, this group of players will again be put through their paces in a day long camp at which will take the same format as a full ENTP training camp at U13/14/15.

The camp will take place on Thursday 21st February at Ice Sheffield.

The camp is invite only, congratulations to the following players:

Jason Roscoe
Noah Kaarianien
Jake Bedford
Cian Shorrock
Felix Sorensen
Connor Lee
Joshua Milnes
Joshua Crawley
Lucas Campion
Jordan O’Brien

Aiden Dancer
Alex Rushby
Arlen Newton
Finlay Heraghty
Gabrial Bakalar
Harry Exley
Lennon Weeks
Regan Kidd
Taylor Stanton
Elliot Russan

Cameron Kenny
Ethan Hadden
Mikey Duffy
Charlie Coulson
Cody Adams
Joe Somerville
Flynn Massie
Ethan Hardie
Liam Houston
Matthew Dobie

South West
Ben Clarke Leach
Josh Burnett
Alex Rimko
Jonah Harvey
Ryan Keepance
Alex Blakeman
Luca Kirk Brown
Brandon West
Nicholas Martin

South East
Daniel Nefedov
Jude Affleck
Jake Hill
Alex Howe
Vaugh Quilter
Marcus Bradley
Brynley Capps
Louie Kynaston
Harrison Prentice
Phillip Maguire
George Ratcliffe
Joe Tomalin

Parents are requested to register for the ‘PO12 2019’ group on ENTP TeamApp and then respond to the event.

Any questions should be forwarded to manager Claire Rowbotham, email claire_reid36@hotmail.com