April 13, 2020

The EIHA Education Programme are pleased to announce we will be running a series of free webinars for junior goaltenders registered with EIHA & SIHA starting Thursday 16th April at 5pm. These webinars will be around one and half hours long and will be run by the EIHA Technical Director for Netminding Euan King.

The webinar will be a cut down version of the GK1 Goalie Coaching Qualification that was launched last summer. The education programme plans to be able to show our young goaltenders the key basics of the modern goalie in a classroom environment. There should also be enough time at the end of the presentation for questions.

The first webinar will be open to 25 goalies on a first come first served basis. To be able to attend the webinar you must be;

· Registered with EIHA or SIHA

· Be playing in the JLMC (age 8 to 17)

· Have parental permission and parent present during webinar

· Not attended a previous webinar (for the second webinar)

The current plan is to run two of these for EIHA/SIHA JLMC goalies but more can be put on if the demand is high enough.

To book your place please visit – https://eiha.co.uk/event/gk1-for-the-jlmc-goalies/

Once registration has been confirmed you will be send an invite to the webinar no later than 2 hours before the start time.

Euan King said: “We are pleased to be able to offer this online webinar for junior goalies, and I’m grateful to the Education Programme for supporting this initiative.

“It’s important in this downtime that players are still able to develop their skills using whatever technology is available.

“We are also using these as test events to see if it is possible to run the full GK1 as an online course.

“The draft GK2 presentation has now been circulated to the regional goalie mentors for review. The plan was to launch this qualification this summer, however with the ongoing pandemic, we are unable to record the videos required for this presentation.

“I am hopeful we will be able to still launch the level 2 at some point this summer but that all depends on how the next few months unfold. In the grand scheme of thing, we are happy to delay the launch of the GK2 if needed.

“I’m looking forward to hosting this goalie webinar next week and hope as many players as possible take up the opportunity.”