January 23, 2020

Whitley Warriors forward Jordan Barnes received a match penalty for boarding in the first period of his side’s NIHL North Cup semi final at Billingham Stars on Saturday January 18.

The Warriors requested a review of the penalty and this has taken place using all available evidence.

The decision of the review panel is as follows:

This should be a 5+game for a late hit.  It is not a boarding penalty as the player is already on the boards and therefore is not thrown into the boards.

There are two issues with the hit.

1. The checking player has an opportunity to not make this hit – the puck has been released and there is time for him to not make the hit. The player receiving the hit should be better prepared to be hit in this scenario and so making a hit here is not reckless endangerment and does not meet the threshold for a match penalty.  However, the player receiving the hit is unaware he is about to be hit. The checking player has time to not make the hit and so this hit should be penalised under Rule 153 – Late Hit, part ii. A skater who delivers a late hit to an unsuspecting opponent will receive a major plus a game misconduct.

2. The checking player does not deliver a check using his shoulder. He doesn’t have two hands on his stick, instead raises his hands to his chest which indicates he has no intention of playing the puck and finishing a check he is already committed to. The hands coming up indicate he is looking solely to separate the player from the game rather than separate the player from the puck. The way he delivers the check contribute to this being viewed as a late hit which isn’t needed in the game.

As the original match penalty has been downgraded, no suspension has been imposed and Jordan Barnes is available to play in the next game.

Photo credit: Colin Lawson/IceHockeyMedia