January 16, 2019

Telford Tigers forward Andrew McKinney was assessed a match penalty for fighting in his team’s NIHL National division game with Basingstoke Bison on Sunday January 12 after a second-period altercation with Bison’s Adam Jones.

Telford requested a review of the match penalty, which has taken place using reports from the on-ice officials, video evidence and submissions from Telford.

In summary, the review has concluded that:

• Whilst this may start out as a regular fight between two willing combatants – the actions during the fight change the circumstances and the penalties which need to be assessed.
• Adam Jones’ helmet doesn’t just come off on its own – it is forced off and then whether intentional or not becomes a weapon during the fight.
• Whether the punch or helmet made contact or not, McKinney is responsible for his actions and his actions recklessly endanger his opponent.
• The penalty is not related to intent – it is based on the rules which are in place for fighting in the league, and on reckless endangerment of an opponent during a fight which is a match penalty under the IIHF rules.

Therefore the match penalty stands and Andrew McKinney is suspended for four games starting with tonight’s National Cup semi final first leg.  He will also miss the games on January 18, 19 and 25.

The full NIHL discipline update will be published on Friday evening.