The Junior League Management Committee (JLMC) are pleased to announce that Dave Hayward has been appointed as Chair of the Midlands Conference.

Dave has been involved with hockey for the past seven years, starting as a hockey parent with his son playing at Coventry and daughter at Solihull Vixens.

Since then he has been a team manager, club committee member, club vice Chairman and most recently GM for the womens Elite League team Solihull Vixens and fixtures secretary for north juniors, U20s and NIHL.

On taking up the role as Midlands Chair, Dave said: “Ice hockey has had such a positive impact on us as a family and arguably has brought us closer together over the seven years I’ve been involved.

“I want other families to have the opportunities and experiences that we have been fortunate to have and to share our love of the sport.

“I know how challenging it is to run an ice hockey club and would like to share my knowledge and experience with the Midlands clubs to create the environment and opportunities for our athletes to fulfil their potential.

“For those who know me from my role as Fixtures Secretary I always try to be consistent, fair and equitable in my decision making but am not afraid to make difficult decisions when required and will approach the role of Conference Chair in the same manner.”

Following Andy Gordon into the Midlands chair, what are the challenges ahead for the conference in the coming year?

“I want to continue the good work of Andy Gordon as the previous chair, ensuring that the changes to the Conference Programme are implemented smoothly into the Midlands.  To support the Midlands Coaches and Officials to help them continue to achieve the excellent results of previous years at Conference Weekend, and to understand what issues are important to the clubs and represent them to the best of my abilities with the JLMC and EIHA Board.

“I’m thrilled to be appointed and I look forward to working with Midlands conference and its clubs in the coming season.”

JLMC Chair Jacqueline Pye added: “This is an great appointment and I’m pleased to be working with Dave as Midlands chair.  He will be an excellent representative for the Midlands clubs and a strong partner at JLMC.”