June 5, 2019

Manchester Storm Academy is looking to launch an U16 girls team to compete in the league in the 2019/20 season.  The Academy would like to hear from any girls who are interested in playing for an all girls team in Manchester.

Club chair Seth Bennett said: “We have a number of girls playing at the club currently and we would love to give them their own team to play in, as well as the age group mixed sides they currently play in.

“We are really keen to try an create a team for girls in the area to play competitive girls hockey.

“Right now we are looking for expressions of interested to see if a team for the 2019/20 season will be viable. For any girls who are interested we are looking at putting a training session together for later in the month and creating a group on TeamApp to start putting the pieces to together.

“There is tons of talent out there and we hope to be able to help the next generation of girls from North West reach their potential.”

If your player is interested in being part of the first Storm Academy girls team please join the group on TeamApp or get in touch by email: StormAcademyChair@gmail.com