July 23, 2019

National Ice Hockey League bosses have been delighted with the response from rinks bidding to host playoffs events in the NIHL Championship Series at the end of the 19/20 season.

It was previously announced that all five divisions in the NIHL would have an end-of-season Finals weekend to crown their playoff champions and bids were being sought to host NIHL 1 & 2 North and South in April 2020.

“We’ve had more than one rink put a proposal to us for each of the four Finals available, and we’re delighted with the level of interest there is for the NIHL Championship Series,” said a League spokesman.

“The final decision will be made by the NLMG in conjunction with the clubs in each respective division taking into account factors such as rink facilities, location and financial impact for the league and the clubs involved.

“On behalf of the NIHL we are grateful to all rinks for their interest, and it has been good to see rinks working alongside the clubs who play in that facility to make the bids as strong as possible.”

The venues for the four playoff weekends should be announced in a couple of weeks, while this coming week is expected to see the publication of the fixtures for the five NIHL divisions.