June 26, 2019

EIHA’s Education Programme have been working hard during this pause to deliver online webinars to players and coaches, most recently from the newly-enlarged Strength & Conditioning team headed up by Alex Green.

Earlier this week, former EIHA S&C lead Steve Nightingale presented a webinar on his time working with KHL side Kunlun Red Star in China.

Looking back at the event, Alex Green said: “We’d like to take the opportunity again to thank Steve for his time and sharing his experiences as a strength and conditioning coach.

“We have been inundated with nothing but great feedback and appreciation from those whom attended. Steve has spent a lot of time investing in his knowledge over the years, it is a real privilege having him share these and up skill our coaches.

“With over 40 people in attendance I’m confident everyone took something away from the session which they can implement to benefit their athletes.”

The presentation and video is available to watch again via the new S&C forum on the EIHA website.

Our S&C team continue to work on Webinar 2 “Specifics of Ice Hockey” along with a video library to support athletes development, we remain on track to deliver this in early August along side the re-occuring Webinar 1 “The basics of strength and conditioning” with further dates to be announced in the coming days.

The team are also working on supporting the Education Programme in delivering an amended Covid-19 impacted Level 2 coaching award which will be rolled out in July to support the ongoing education of our coaches.

As always we’re open to feedback and your ideas of how we can continue to support you and your teams – drop a line to Alex at alex.green@eiha.co.uk