December 20, 2017

Following the EIHA EGM on 25 November, work has been going on to establish the Governance Working Party as mandated at the meeting.

The resolution outlined the potential composition of the Governance Working Party to be no more than six individuals, comprised of:
• Two EIHA Board Directors;
• Two (independent) IHUK Board Directors;
• Two independent sports governance experts / lawyers, one of whom would chair the Governance Working Party.

The EIHA membership expressed strong views that they would like to see:
1. Two EIHA Board Directors who are not conflicted by also being IHUK Directors
2. Two independent IHUK Directors who have not been closely involved in unification discussions previously and can bring an objective perspective

The EIHA have put forward Joy Johnston and Andrew Miller as their directors to be part of the Governance Working Party. Joy has the portfolio for governance on the EIHA board while Andrew is a recent appointment to the board who is not also an Ice Hockey UK director. To ensure there is no perceived or actual conflict of interest, Joy stepped down from the IHUK board with immediate effect on 6 December.

The EIHA has formally notified IHUK of the members’ desire to have two independent IHUK Directors on the Governance Working Party.  IHUK have responded to say they will consider this at their Board meeting in January.  Specifically, the EIHA have asked for the two newest independent Directors from IHUK to be nominated for the Governance Working Party.  The EIHA are hopeful that IHUK will respond positively to this request so the Party can be formed with an independent view being presented on behalf of IHUK.

The EIHA board have also discussed potential candidates for the two independent roles including the independent Chair and are keeping to the planned timeline by having all appointments in place over the next few weeks.

Joy Johnston commented: “We are pleased to be moving forward to help us determine the best governance model for the future of the sport.

“As a governance professional, my role on the board of both EIHA and IHUK presented a perceived conflict of interest. The EIHA membership provided such a mandate in my EIHA director role (governance lead) and stepping off the IHUK board allows me to drive forward this piece of work.

“This governance review will result in some important decisions being taken and move us closer to having a way forward for all organisations involved in the sport in the UK.”

The next update will be published when the membership of the Governance Working Party has been confirmed.